our view of the world

At louder, we believe that digital has evolved to the point where brands, media agencies, creative agencies and technology vendors are challenged to deliver a comprehensive and integrated business solution to execute digital best practice at scale.

Digital capabilities span several remits and teams – each with their own objectives, strategies and goals. We enable these teams to work more efficiently, through deployment of the most appropriate technology to support the digital strategy delivered through our impartial and comprehensive understanding of the landscape and the technology that enables it, by creating actionable strategies that allow businesses to immediately see the benefits of their investment in our services.


we see the next two years evolution in the digital world for brands as being the most important area with increased understanding in the sector driving the transition of traditional media to digital media channels, and this migrating from specialist agencies to in-house digital teams, or transparent managed service providers, due to increased accountability, measurement, analysis capability and the capability to the execute campaigns more efficiently, and with more control.

this will result in the media spend ratio (media plan $allocation: actual media $spend) shift to a greater spend in media, rather than agency fees, resulting in greater reach and frequency if required, or increased and more targeted media reach. ultimately this results in brands achieving more desirable outcomes (goals achieved, leads, sales etc).

we work transparently, we work ethically, we work agnostically, and we work to empower you to gain digital control.