Newsletter #22

“Last week our Sydney office welcomed team members’ children in before they finished their school holidays. Jack the Magician put on a great show and we even learnt some tricks to take home.

Fun aside, we’ve been busy working on a series of articles around privacy safe measurement to help you navigate the changes ahead. Let us know what you want to hear about!”



5 expert tips for seamless server-side Google Tag Manager implementation

What you need to know for your server-side Google Tag Manager implementation.

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Python sucks (sometimes)

Learn how Louder mitigated infrastructure issues by moving away from Python.

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New year, new ratings data from OzTAM: Big changes in TV audience measurement

OzTam has released 2 new VOZ website reports on Monday 29 January where advertisers can access data across Total TV Overnight and 7 day reach totals.

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With privacy top of mind, the future of targeting could be in mobile’s hands

On-device signals can provide great amounts of details of users and consumers which in turn can be used for ad targeting. There is so much technology packed into mobile devices such as GPS sensors, gyroscopes and fingerprint sensors which can be used to collect data around specific actions and location data.

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Why influencer marketing needs to be seen as its own media channel

In 2024, we are expected to see a growth in influencer marketing with TikTok and streamers battling it out for consumer attention (Professor Scott). Many consumers are influenced by content creators in terms of the research and consideration phase of the consumer journey, turbocharging the purchase funnel.

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Netflix’s priority for its new advertising business

Netflix is focusing on partnerships as they see a dramatic increase in subscribers for their ad-supported tier plan. With more partnerships and availability of ad formats, this will create a better buying experience for advertisers to fulfil their needs.

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Updates to support advertiser transparency and content moderation

DV360’s Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) will be renamed to Ad badging, transparency, and reporting from February 2024 where new advertisers when created, will automatically be opted in. The ad badges will look the same but additional information about the advertiser will be included. All ad formats will now have an About this ad feature if opted in. This update is intended for greater transparency to users about the advertiser and ad that they are viewing.

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Adapt to privacy and regulatory changes with consent mode

Google has upgraded the consent mode API with an addition of two new parameters for enhanced control for consent collection. Google is also partnering with Consent Management Platforms (CMP) with their CMP Partner Program who can guide advertisers with implementation, upgrading and managing consent banners in addition to passing consent signals to Google for conversion measurement and audience targeting.

Want more insight on consent mode?
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Transparent click tracking enforcement for some customers

Transparency mode must be enabled for CM360 customers who use CM360 click trackers or tracking ads that are applied in Google Ads and DV360. This enforcement only applies to campaign IDs that use click trackers for the first time from 12 September 2023. Prior to this date, campaign IDs will not be impacted by the enforcement. If transparency mode is not enabled, your ads will be disapproved by the click tracker transparency policy.

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Updates to detailed targeting

Some detailed targeting options will be discontinued or consolidated due to redundancy, extreme granularity, are related to sensitive topics or are rarely used. Users with affected campaigns will receive a warning banner within the campaign as selected targeting will discontinue from 18th March 2024. Targeting will need to be updated from this date forward to avoid ads from being paused.

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Google signals removed in GA4

Find out what the removal of Google signals from the reporting identity in GA4 means for you.

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