11 May 2020

COVID-19 Resources

With the internet bursting with content detailing the impacts of COVID-19 on the digital marketing industry and how to guides providing tips on efficient and productive working from home habits, it can be difficult to find the most relevant information for you and your business.

To help with this, Louder has prepared a resource library with useful industry information. Included are updates from our partners, publishers and industry bodies along with specialist articles that will help inform decisions moving forward.

Provider Resource Why is this useful?
Adobe Resources by Industry A comprehensive resource centre for marketers in different industries providing guides on how to manage business, tips when implementing, customer management and some extra tips for travel and hospitality brands.
App Annie Resources An authority on mobile market data, visit to find studies and articles on how C19 is changing mobile behaviour.
ComScore Coronavirus Insights A blog full of global insights on current consumer behaviour. There are articles on mobile spending, category and channel performance and the impact to media consumption worldwide.
Google & Various Coronavirus Resource Library A library of useful links for marketers focussing on C19 content and impacts. Articles include PPC benchmarks and consumer behaviour changes by industry-leading firms. A few of the articles are referenced below.
Google COVID-19: Managing Search in a Crisis A presentation shared by Google Ads, addressing the challenges currently facing businesses who are advertising online. It provides suggestions, useful links and resources that are relevant to businesses not using Advanced Paid Search profiles.
  COVID-19 Resources for Small Retailers Ideal for all retailers, this simplified list details Google Merchant Centre (GMC) and shopping campaign best practices.
  What are Australians asking about Coronavirus? Providing useful and interesting insights on marketing trends, the outlined data can work as a signal of campaign relaunching when people are searching for related topics, or create content that reflect the trend.
  Google News: COVID-19 Presenting global real time C19 stats and local news updates.
Facebook Business Resource Hub Facebook’s resource library presents links and tools on how to manage your business and adapt to the changing environments. There are even extra resources for small businesses such as the The Resilience Toolkit and Quick Action Guide. Hot tip - investigate how your business may be able to take advantage of the Small Business Grants Program.
Harvard Business Review Perfectionism will slow you down in a crisis Outlining challenges that company leaders may face or need to be aware of now that our working behaviours and routines have radically altered.
  How retailers can reach consumers who aren’t spending An article listing the various opportunities retailers have to reach customers and minimise losses.
IAB Australia Research & Resources The Interactive Advertising Bureau AU provides a rich database of information around the AU digital landscape. Take a look at the Ad Impact study or the C19 Market Insights Rundown for details on the present situation. They are currently holding weekly webinars, so sign up to learn something new.
IAB Knowledge Centre The US IAB is a treasure trove of content for digital marketers. The recent Ad Spend Impact studies may be of particular interest at this time.
Kantar Insights and Media A variety of articles and research that provide insight into advertising during this crisis.
McKinsey Survey: Australian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis Written to help marketers better understand the pandemic’s affect on consumers and anticipate shifts in buying behaviour. Key findings include, predicted spending cuts, increased digital content consumption and ways in which Australians are adopting digital and low-touch habits.
Nielsen Insights Divided into a variety of categories, the blog showcases a wide range of articles and insights analysing the shifts in user and consumer behaviour. There are also pieces on how to deal with, work through and prepare for advertising now, and in a post C19 world.
Social Media Today Social Media Updates This blog is packed with articles on how to better leverage social media during this period. Some interesting features include, an outline of rising trends in Pinterest and a report on the best times to post on social media during C19.
Wordstream Updated Google Ads Benchmarks for Your Industry During COVID-19 A list of US benchmarks for CTRs and CPCs (AU data is currently unavailable). Make sure to scroll to the end - there is a list of further articles suggesting ways to approach digital marketing in the current climate.
Youtube Working from home essentials Struggling to find a routine or set up that works? These videos can provide some tips and tricks on making you more comfortable and efficient while working from home.