Meet The Team

  • Alex Byrne

    Alex is a Digital Advertising Specialist at Louder. In his spare time, he enjoys reading classic novels, meditating and training at the gym.

  • Andrew Hughes

    Andrew is a Consultant and Partner at Louder, focussing on how clients can maximise their return from digital media investments.

  • Annette Loudon

    Annette is an analytics consultant. Outside of work she enjoys dancing, singing and spending time with her favourite people.

  • Asmeeta Singh

    Asmeeta is a digital advertising specialist. She enjoys spending her free time with friends, trying out new restaurants and working on crafty projects.

  • Candice Driver

    Candice is Agency and Client Lead at Louder. In her spare time you will find her hanging out with her dog Lilly, socialising with friends, and hitting trendy bars and restaurants.

  • Daniel Lim

    Daniel is a digital ad specialist with multinational experience in paid search and social. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking up meals and Netflix binges keep his fun meter maxed out.

  • Gavin Doolan

    Gavin specialises in web analytics technology and integration. In his spare time, he enjoys restoring vintage cars, gardening, spending time with the family and walking his dog, Datsun.

  • Ian Kenney

    Ian is a Consultant and Partner at Louder and has been working with data and analytics since it was invented. He enjoys all things code.

  • Jessica Hao

    Jessica is Louder's CPA qualified Finance Officer. In her spare time, she enjoys reading or utilising the old "green thumb" in the garden.

  • Mick Hua

    Mick is a data engineer at Louder that loves all things python. When he's not coding, he typically enjoys playing boardgames and walking around the shops with his significant other.

  • Oanh Trinh

    Oanh is an analytics consultant. In her spare time and often at the crack of dawn, you will find her swimming in Sydney’s ocean pools, no matter the time of year.

  • Pablo Rey

    Pablo is a Consultant at Louder, specialising in programmatic technology solutions. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, fishing, cycling, and is an avid AFL & EPL enthusiast.

  • Sam Kenney

    Sam is a data engineer. In his spare time he plays guitar for the UK-based alternative band, Worst Case Scenario.

  • Sharay Ali

    Sharay is a project manager at Louder. He ensures client projects run smoothly and all the stakeholders are kept in the loop. In his spare time, he loves to play or watch soccer and you will usually find him at the gym or the beach.

  • Sophia Vu

    Sophia is a data and business analyst, specialising in digital analytics and tagging. In her spare time, she enjoys working on her music skills and enjoying nature.

  • Stavroula Papadopoulos

    Stavroula is a programmatic and social specialist. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her growing family and exploring the mantra of "you are what you eat".