23 January 2023

Sunsetting Google Optimize

Driving into sunset

In summary

  • On 30 September 2023 both the Google Optimize product and the integration in Google Analytics 4 will be sunset.

  • Users of the product will be able to continue using it and accessing data within the Optimize interface until the sunset date.

Google Optimize to be sunset September 2023

Google have announced that they will sunset their experimentation tool Google Optimize in September 2023.

Louder’s Analytics Consultant Gavin Doolan has been working with Google’s A/B testing tools for over 14 years, starting with Google Website Optimizer launched in October 2006, which was a standalone testing tool at the time. It was then merged directly into Google Analytics and became known as Content Experiments.

Later the product evolved further and became known as just Google Optimize, at that time it was also de-coupled from the Google Analytics user interfce itself, regaining it’s own interface for experiment set up, but would still rely on Google Analytics for its underlying experiment datasource.

Therefore, it is with much sadness that we say goodbye to the Google Optimize product, having worked over the years with various product managers, engineering team and support teams at Google in that time.

“I’ve always felt Google Optimize was underestimated in terms of it’s ability to move the needle for clients regarding improvements to return on ad spend.” Doolan says.

“However with excellent alternative products already in the marketplace such as Visual Website Optimize and Optimizely, this doesn’t signal the end of or feasibility of A/B testing.”

We’re looking forward to seeing how Google will evolve this space with its machine learning tools to enable more personalised and targeted user experiences, perhaps following a similar path to content experiments.

Why is Google Optimize being retired?

Google have stated that they are evolving their position in the experimentation market by focussing their efforts toward machine learning and measurement, working on integrating experimentation platforms into Google Analytics 4.

Being a mature player in the market for over a decade, Google is well placed to integrate the tools in the market into its measurement stack.

What should I do?

  • Get in touch with Louder to discuss how this affects you.
  • Download any historical data before September as you will no longe have access to it after 30 September 2023.
  • Consider other alternative tools on the market if you’re in need of an A/B testing tool.

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