17 May 2024

Google delays deprecation of third party cookies again

Sand waves

In summary

  • Google have delayed the deprecation of third party cookies to 2025. This is the third delay since the first announcement in 2020
  • Ongoing challenges and industry feedback has stalled progress, Privacy Sandbox solutions have fallen somewhat short in various areas, whilst market authorities have continued to question the phase out
  • This news should not deter any brand or agency from adopting future proof ad-tech features or first party data strategies, which will become a backbone for long term success

The announcement in late April 2024 to delay the deprecation of third party cookies (3PC) came as a surprise to many in the industry. Much of the communication since late last year has been geared towards the 3PC phase out being completed by August 2024, with many Google products rolling out features and AI powered tools for adoption in preparation.

Don’t let this stop the momentum!

This delay should only be a bump in the road, do not wait for things to break before taking action. Whilst we all want the band aid to be ripped off, it is stubbornly holding on, so brands should use this time to remain focused on planning for the inevitable demise of third party cookies.

Stay on the path towards 3PC roll out plans, adoption of first party (1P) data strategies and continue to embrace platform technology features that leverage AI modelling to improve media activation.

Long term plans need to go beyond just the use of third party cookies in the context of audience targeting. It will be important to plan for the loss of signals that inform bidding, frequency, conversions, attribution and post view reporting outcomes.

Louder’s recommendation

Future facing media measurement and ad-tech technologies will require the input of consented 1PD in various capacities to accurately inform paid media activation, allow modelling to improve performance and measure accurately. Adapting in a privacy centric manner will be pivotal in enabling future marketing efforts that will see long term brand success. Louder recommends businesses to focus on the following key areas:

  • Privacy focused data collection
  • Consented website experiences
  • Measurement frameworks to mitigate signal loss
  • 1PD paid media activation that seeds and re-market

1P data strategies will be the key to success

The collection of consented 1P data will challenge organisations that do not have website experiences founded in the collection of this information. Creating positive privacy website experiences where consumers feel there is a fair value exchange (enough to provide an email) will be a key strategy to tackling a world without third party cookies.

Get in touch with the team at Louder to discuss how your business can plan for these inevitable changes.

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