The process of enabling a business customer base and understanding those interactions, is intrinsically intertwined with a the creation and deployment of a robust measurement framework for any business.

Our focus on audience is to define personas and a taxonomy of existing customers, prospects who fell out of the funnel, and potential customers. This is achieved through establishing who was targeted with advertising, who actually saw a brand’s messaging and interacted with it, and what value that segment delivered back to the business. This allows focus on prospects and segments of the customer set or broader market, which offer commercial growth. In executing this, segments are targeted with more contextually relevant advertising, and messaging over multiple platforms in the most appropriate sequence. This along with the creative and appropriate targeting, that is most likely to encourage prospects to convert.

Audience as we refer to it includes:

  • single customer view (SCV)
  • data management platforms (DMP)
  • audience marketing
  • personas and segmentation
  • 1st party data – activating customer relationship management (CRM) data in the digital space
  • email marketing and electronic direct marketing (EDM)
  • 2nd party data – where non-competing companies share data to understand more about their customers or to enable targeting of messaging to their respective audiences
  • audience extension – how to identify more people like your customers on marketing platforms (sometimes referred to as look-a-like)
  • 3rd party data – purchasing of targeting data in the open market to improve advertising targeting to potential or existing customers