01 May 2023

What’s new in GA4?

With the Universal Analytics sunset fast approaching on the horizon. The GA4 team continues to push out new releases:

  • Item-scoped custom dimensions now available - these are useful for ecommerce based websites allowing collection of product related information outside of the 5 allocated product categories.
  • Increased property and sub-property limits (for 360 users only) - previously 100, now up to 2,000 can be created.
  • Create and modify Event GA4 UI now supports RegEx - this will make it easier to migrate complex RegEx based Universal Analytics goals to GA4.
  • Attribution updates starting in May 2023 - first-click, linear, time-decay and position-based attribution models are going away. Google has chosen to focus mostly on data-driven attribution models and tools going forward.
  • Fractional conversion attribution from GA4 to Google Ads - previously, conversions were imported from Google Analytics 4 on a cross-channel last click basis. Now fractional conversion data will be imported back to Google Ads, even if it wasn’t the last click conversion. This will improve conversion signal data to help facilitate improved bidding.

Upcoming GA4 updates

  • Custom Channel Grouping - increased flexibility in channel definitions.
  • GA4 Exploration like functionality in core GA reports.
  • GA4 defined audience groups in BigQuery data.

To stay up to date with Google Analytics 4 features, visit GA4 product updates.

About Gavin Doolan

Gavin specialises in web analytics technology and integration. In his spare time, he enjoys restoring vintage cars, gardening, spending time with the family and walking his dog, Datsun.